Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dog Supplies, Training and Resources

Whatever your canine needs, Dog Nececessity has you covered. Dog bowls, beds, clothing, food, ramps, toys, kennels and so much more. they even have helpful articles about good doggie things like training tips and book reviews.

Fetch Dog Necessity today and sniff around their site for good dog supplies like this dog food storage unit. Organizing pet food storage can be a challenge with bulky bags.The Vittles Wall-Tainer is designed to guarantee airtight protection for dry pet food and keeps it up, off the ground and out of the way.Two easy opening lids allow for easy dispensing and filling.The Wall-Tainer may also be utilized as a free feeder by removing the lower lid and wall-mounting to accommodate the size of your pet.

Fetch Dog Necessity today and sniff around their site for good dog supplies.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Unique Custom Pet Portraits

If you've never seen Stipple By Design's art work, you should! They create custom drawings and Pet Portraits from your photos or ideas. All of the art work is created in a form called Stipple. This technique is done by using different sized pens and dots. There are no drawn lines, each picture is created in dots only.

Pet portraits, custom cards, tattoo drawings, even glass and mirror etching. Each is one of a kind. Valentine's Day is just around the corner; check out Stipple By Design art work for unique gifts for any dog lover on your list.
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