Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is Your Pup Ready for Halloween?

If you haven't ordered your costumes from Bloomingtail's Dog Boutique, then we don't think you're ready for Halloween at all!

An extra-ordinary variety of incredibe costumes awaits you! Is your precious pup a Princess, a Mouse, or a Ladybug? Jeffie's got his eye on the Killer Whale dog outfit, but I think the Circus Clown dog clothes would suit him better. Lucy is barking about the Snow White dog costume. The Witch would be more like it (in my opinion.)

For myself, I just can't decide. What would you think about the Cowboy costume? I love the hat on the Matador, plus the Pirate costumes are groovy.
Actually, the collars are howling good, too. I like the Halloween Candy Corn Dog Collar. It's a vinyl collar with crystal rhinestone accents, 3/8" wide, with a candy corn charm that is removeable. It's available in 10", 12", 14" & 16" lengths.

There are just so many choices...
No tricks here, only treats, treats, and more treats! Visit Bloomingtail's Dog Boutique today for the best selection.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Connie's Pampered Pets

The holidays are just around the corner and here's a gem you must check out! Take a look at Connie's Pampered Pets for all those hard to find gifts for the animal lover on your shopping lists. They have all kinds of unique gifts for the dog, cat and horse lover.! Lots of cute animal prints that are sure to please the most finicky person on your gift list.

What a wide variety! From t-shirts, caps, and housewares to dog bowls and doggy fashion! Well... like we said, there are also some cats and horses involved, too!

Check out this very cool tote bag. There'll be no mistaking that you're a dog lover with this one. An adorable "Pouty Pup" on the front and an equally darling "Beggin Pup" on the back.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Psychic Experience at Sea!

Join Cheryl Smeed for a wonderfully relaxing Bahama cruise weekend September 25 - 28. She will be doing animal communication readings, along with other gifted intuitive readers while at sea. But hurry...space is limited at their specially reduced rates.

Not in the mood for a cruise?
Request a communication session from Cheryl now.

As an animal communicator, Cheryl can help you achieve a better understanding of your animals of any kind. From your animal companions, to your farm animals, to the wild animals that show up in your life, to your spirit animals, Cheryl will do an animal communication session for a donation, a portion of which she donates to animal rescue. You will receive a full report of her session with your animal. It makes no difference whether it is in person or from a distance. A photo of the animal is very helpful, along with some information about the situation or issues you wish to address.

Find out what the animals in your life are trying to tell you. Vist Animal-Communication.Net today!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Border Collie Window Clings

Howling good gift idea!

Any Border Collie lover would adore these beautiful Border Collie window clings from Jordyalan Border Collies.

Their window clings are all handpainted by Ang, their talented artist and are created from a special glass paint - non toxic and lead free - which allows light to illuminate through, giving a stained glass effect without the cost or permanent fixture. Ang only uses the highest quality Plaid Gallery Glass paints for her work as the cheaper paints tend to fade extremely quickly.

Clings are great for presents for BC lovers. Light & easy to apply, they can keep out nosy neighbors, cover a dull window or just brighten up a room. They're perfect for non-permanent housing or rental situations as they adhere to a surface by 'static cling ' - no sticky marks or mess.

Clings can be applied to any smooth, non - porous surface such as windows, mirrors, ceramic tiles, glasses, shower screens & even the front of the fridge. They can be repacked back into the clear plastic pocket provided and stored flat for later use or removed and repositioned in another area of the home. A protective sealer is applied to the clings which repels fingerprints/dust and keeps out any condensation. All of these window clings are packaged professionally, so there is no need to repack if giving as a gift .

Jordyalan Border Collies is located in the beautiful Gippsland Lakes District of Victoria, Australia. Open 24/7 on the web and they ship worldwide. Vist them today!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

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We're dog people.

Yes, all of us at For Love of a Dog Top Sites are dog people. Part of that love for dogs is shown in our work - whether we're artists, crafters, or provide a myriad of other product and services for dogs and the people who love them.

Join us as we explore necessities and splurges worthy of any dog's best friend!
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