Monday, November 14, 2011

Dog Lover Jewelry for Christmas Gifts

Dog Lover Necklace at For Love of a Dog 
That dog lover on your holiday shopping list is easy to shop for at For Love of a Dog Jewelry & Gifts.  Choose from unique, one of a kind artisan jewelry, as well as handmade dog breed Christmas ornaments, dog leash holders and even eco-friendly elevated dog feeders.

For Love of a Dog offers their special dog lover jewelry in necklaces, bracelets, pins, pendants, and earrings in a range of prices sure to fit any budget.  Choose from specific dog breed jewelry, mutts & mixed breeds, dog bone and dog mom jewelry pieces, and even dog rescue jewelry.

Most items are one of a kind, so shop now for the best selection.  For Love of a Dog Jewelry & Gifts even offers fast FREE standard shipping!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Unique Personaized Dog Collars Make Great Gifts

The holidays are just around the corner and what dog wouldn't want a personalized dog collar from Besty Dog Collars!  Go beyond store bought, off the rack dog collars.  Besty Dog Collars will help you create the perfect, stylish dog collar for your beloved canine.  Don't stop there.  You can even create a matching leash.

Choose the color, fabric, embroidery style and font.  Add some rhinestones.  Or you can even choose from a selection of leather.  As they say at Best Dog Collars:  "It is true that the dog is man's best friend.  Your loyal faithful companion.  They give us everything they have and ask for little in return.  That's why it is so fun to give them a little something to accent their unique personality."  

It's all about fun at Besty Dog Collars.  What are you waiting for?  Shop Besty Dog Collars now!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Autumn Dog Sweater from Shaggy Chic Now on Sale

If you have a new tiny puppy or a little teacup size that is 2-3 pounds, this dog sweater from Shaggy Chic is perfect for your dog. Just slips on like a puppy cozy! Keeps them warm indoors or out. Perfect for dogs or cats that do not care for sleeves, or for those who have problems with front legs, missing leg, malformations etc. Shaggy Chic has have had this custom orders for dogs with such conditions and owners have had very good results.

Additionally, they have had people with hairless type cats request this sweater. Keeps kitty warm, don't have to mess with getting legs in arm holes.

This is crocheted in 100% wool so it will be warm and water-proof. It is variegated shades of greens, light and dark forming its own pattern. Shaggy Chic has have added some felted orange flowers for contrast. Perfect for boy or girl dog or cat!

Hand knitting and crocheting for the little dogs is Shaggy Chic's specialty.  Adorable dog hats, shrugs, sweaters and collars abound at Shaggy Chic.  Don't miss their best selling Fortunate Kitty catnip fortune cookies!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween Dog Costumes and Clothing

Screen Printed Dog Shirt
Afraid you've waited too long to get a good Halloween costume for your dog?  Relax.  Bloomingtails Dog Boutique has some Halloween dog costumes in stock and available for same day or next day shipping.

They offer a large selection of quality made costumes for your pampered pets.  Some costumes are available for dogs up to 100 pounds, so your large dog does not have to be left out of the festivities.

If you dog just really doesn't want to wear a costume, check out the adorable Halloween themed dog clothing.  They have a big selection of dog hoodies, sweaters and sweatshirts, dog dresses and skirts, dog shirts, tees, and tanks.  You'll find skulls, ghosts, pumpkins and more for both small and large breed dogs.  Did I mention they are cute, cute, cute?

Visit Bloomingtails Dog Boutique on the web for fabulous dog clothing and supplies.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dog Breed Christmas Ornaments: Handmade Gifts

Golden Retriever Dog Ornament
 What could be better than a handmade dog breed Christmas tree ornaments for those special dog lovers on your holiday shopping list.  For Love of a Dog has some unique, fully hand crafted sculpture Dog ornaments for many of the most popular dog breeds, as wall as some rare dog breeds.

These dog ornaments are not flat cut outs.  They are two dimensional art sculptures.  Molded in resin from a hand carved original, then hand air brushed painted, these dogs are true to AKC and UKC dog breed standards.  Thanks to the clear protective finish, they'll last for years.  Sizes vary, but average about 4 inches by 3 inches, depending on dog breed.

Borzoi Russian Wolfhound Dog Ornament

German Shepherd Dog Christmas Ornament

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Dog Ornament

This beautiful pieces of dog art are not just for that Christmas tree;  they look fantastic displayed year round.  Take advantage of For Love of a Dog's free standard shipping policy to save some money, plus each ornament comes in a cute gift box complete with ribbon and ready for gifting. 

Quantities are limited.  Fetch For Love of a Dog today.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Personalize a Quilted Pet Christmas Ornament

Christmas will be here before we know it and this is a wonderful gift idea for any pet lover.  Quilted Keepsake Ornaments offers beautiful hand quilted pet lover ornaments that can be personalized with your pet's photo for a truly unique gift item.

All you have to do is provide the photo and dog's name and they do the rest.  Each ornament comes with a cute pet charm that dangles on the side You can read more about them and order here.

Renee's quilted fabric ball ornaments are a lovely decorative accessory, not just for Christmas.  Visit Quilted Keepsake Ornaments for lots of fun ideas for displaying these unusual, handmade art pieces.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dog Halloween Costumes from Bloomingtails Dog Boutique

It's never too early to begin thinking about your dog's Halloween costume and Bloomingtails Dog Boutique is your go-to resource.  They offer a huge selection of quality made dog costumes for your best furry friends.  Some even come in sizes large enough for that 100 pound dog, so big dogs do not have to be left out of the fun.

Choose from supper fun themes like Alice in Wonderland, Candy Corn Witch, Caterpiller, Chicken or Bear Dog, Cowboys and Cowgirls, Pirate, Ninja, Football, Butterfly and so much more!

Once you've got your doggie costume all set, sniff around Bloomingtails Dog Boutique for more great dog toys, supplies and barking good gifts.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What is Your Dog Saying? Animal Communication Services

Anyone who has shred their life with dogs knows that a special, unique communication occurs.  Sometimes we want to more than what our dog can communicate with his or her behavior.  That's when we can call Cheryl for an animal communication session.  She is able to read the energy of the dog,  opening the lines of telepathic communication with them so that she can tell us what they want us to know.

Cheryl is a Usui Reiki Master, crystal healer and certified parapsychologist who has enjoyed communing with animals since childhood.  Visit Animal Communication Services today and find our what your dog is trying to tell you.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Non Spill Travel Water Bowl from The Pet Shop UK

When you're getting ready for that autumn vacation to see all the fall color, don't forget your best friend's supplies.  Especially a travel water bowl like this one.  

The Road Refresher Pet Travel Bowl can be filled with water and then safely left in a vehicle so your dog can drink whenever he want.  No more spills;  easy to dismantle and clean.  This non-spill travel water bowl has an award winning design and is used by emergency services in the UK.

Visit the Pet Shop UK for more great dog supplies.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Perfect Personalized Dog Collars from Besty Dog Collars

Did you realize that you can design your own personalized dog collar and have it handmade just for you?  Well, you can at Besty Dog Collars.

All of their dog collars and leashes are handmade custom from scratch.  That means you can choose the fabric for your collar and the thread color & font for your dog's embroidered name.  You can even add a special embroidery design and rhinestones.  It's all your choice at Besty Dog Collars.

Visit the Besty Dog Collar Workshop today and start designing your personalized dog collar.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Small Dog Pink Sock Monkey Hat at Shaggy Chic

Okay, now... how cute is this?  Pretty dog-gone cute!  If you have a small dog, we're pretty sure that she definitely needs a new hat.  This adorable pink sock monkey dog hat is from Shaggy Chic.  Hand crocheted in hand-spun, hand-dyed yarn from Art By Ana, this is a delightfully feminine version of a favorite sock monkey.

The Shaggy Chic model is about 7 pounds or so, to give you an idea of size.  Measurements:  about 12 inches around the brim;  3 inches from the edge of brim to center top.  The yarn does have a bit of stretch to it.

Take a closer look at this sock monkey hat from Shaggy Chic, plus browse for more super fun dog clothes and accessories today.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fluff Put Key Chains from Pug Speak

Every Pug has his day and you can, too with these adorable Fluff Pug Key Chains available at Pug Speak.  Each comes in a gift box and measures about 3 inches.  They're made of metal and enamel.

Visit Pug Speak today for more perfect gift for Pug dog lovers.  They offer cards, calendars, labels, handbags, wallets, earrings, bracelets, collars and much more all in the perfect them of Pug dogs.

New Eco Friendly Elevated Dog Feeders at For Love of a Dog

When one of their dogs was diagnosed with arthritis, the folks at For Love of a Dog decided she should have an elevated feeding station to reduce the strain on her joints.  Looking for something that would fit in their antique decor, as well as something functional, proved a problem.  So they made their own.

The other dogs were envious and so were friends, so one thing led to another and now you can find your own perfect elevated dog feeder at For Love of a Dog.

You'll find most are eco-friendly, repurposed vintage items, including awesome vintage wooden packing crates and more.  Most have terrific original graphics.  For Love of a Dog have created coordinating tops to convert the crates into feeders with generous storage.  Bowls are stainless steel and include rubber gaskets to protect that interior storage.  Feeder tops are finished for water proofing;  the crates themselves are hand waxed to a rich luster

Don't miss their other re-purposed vintage items, like the miniature cedar chest dog feeder and the oak elementary school chair feeding stations.

What a great gift for your favorite dog or dog lover!  While you're there, be sure to check out the unique handmade dog jewelry, too.  Free shipping on each purchase!
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