Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is Your Pup Ready for Halloween?

If you haven't ordered your costumes from Bloomingtail's Dog Boutique, then we don't think you're ready for Halloween at all!

An extra-ordinary variety of incredibe costumes awaits you! Is your precious pup a Princess, a Mouse, or a Ladybug? Jeffie's got his eye on the Killer Whale dog outfit, but I think the Circus Clown dog clothes would suit him better. Lucy is barking about the Snow White dog costume. The Witch would be more like it (in my opinion.)

For myself, I just can't decide. What would you think about the Cowboy costume? I love the hat on the Matador, plus the Pirate costumes are groovy.
Actually, the collars are howling good, too. I like the Halloween Candy Corn Dog Collar. It's a vinyl collar with crystal rhinestone accents, 3/8" wide, with a candy corn charm that is removeable. It's available in 10", 12", 14" & 16" lengths.

There are just so many choices...
No tricks here, only treats, treats, and more treats! Visit Bloomingtail's Dog Boutique today for the best selection.

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