Saturday, October 22, 2011

Autumn Dog Sweater from Shaggy Chic Now on Sale

If you have a new tiny puppy or a little teacup size that is 2-3 pounds, this dog sweater from Shaggy Chic is perfect for your dog. Just slips on like a puppy cozy! Keeps them warm indoors or out. Perfect for dogs or cats that do not care for sleeves, or for those who have problems with front legs, missing leg, malformations etc. Shaggy Chic has have had this custom orders for dogs with such conditions and owners have had very good results.

Additionally, they have had people with hairless type cats request this sweater. Keeps kitty warm, don't have to mess with getting legs in arm holes.

This is crocheted in 100% wool so it will be warm and water-proof. It is variegated shades of greens, light and dark forming its own pattern. Shaggy Chic has have added some felted orange flowers for contrast. Perfect for boy or girl dog or cat!

Hand knitting and crocheting for the little dogs is Shaggy Chic's specialty.  Adorable dog hats, shrugs, sweaters and collars abound at Shaggy Chic.  Don't miss their best selling Fortunate Kitty catnip fortune cookies!

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